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Le Journal des ArtsFrench weekly Newspaper

Issue #455. April 15th, 2016:
1/ Californie – La difficile greffe des foires internationales
2/ LA, État des lieux. Des foires locales, très locales

all about Photo – online US photo magazine – magazine US en ligne

Paris Photo LA 2015:The greatest longstanding experience International Art Fair for Photography, 100% “made in Paris, France” came for its Fourth Edition in Hollywood. – Spanish paper art magazine – magazine espagnol en version papier

issue #66-67: Olivier Mosset versus Carlos Bunga:PDF
issue #43 Katharina Grosse’s new “Terra Incognita”
issue #44 What’s up in Los Angeles? Part I
issue #45 What’s up in LA?” Part II
issue #45 “The first time ever I saw your face, Katinka Lampe”
issue #53“Bunga: beyond space”

be-Art magazine – online US art magazine – magazine en ligne diffusé depuis Los Angeles

Art Fair Reviews:
LA Art Show, 2016: BEST OFs
Photo la, 25th edition:“PROMISING..BUT..HOWEVER..” SALON
Salon-S Zürcher in Paris
Paris Photo LA, 2015 edition
Photo Independent at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood: A little bit of everything at Photo Independent
Art Brussels, 2015, 33d edition, Review
Spring Masters New York, Second Edition: the re-birth of the Antiques in a world dominated by Contemporary Art?
ALAC 2015 Edition, Where is the artist’s commitment?
Photo la, 2015, 24th edition: Dual for the best
Los Angeles Art Show, Edition 2015,
Asian art was prevailing and it was quite good
SOON Paris (limited edition art fair) 1st edition, 2014
Photo la – 2013
Art Los Angeles Contemporary, 2013 edition
ArtPlatform – Edition #2
PHOTO la – 2013 edition
Photo la, 2011

French Art Collector Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre
L.A. Gallerist Luis De Jesus, “Captured” by a Lion
Gilles FUCHS, Collector & President of ADIAF
Adam Gross at The Lapis Press
BOB CALLE, a Great Art Collector passed away
L.A Gallerist/Curator/Artist, Ichiro IRIE
Craig Krull from Craig Krull Gallery
Rosamund Felsen from Rosamund Felsen Gallery
Sonce Alexander, one of a kind Gallery Owner
DJ HALL at Koplin del Rio
Stephen Cohen, Founder of Photo la
Autopsy of an Artwork series: “Autopsy” comes from the Greek words “auto” and “opsis”. It literally means “to see for oneself”. An autopsy involves opening up a body to look for clues to determine the cause of death. Here, in the case of Contemporary Art, this is the method we adhere to. It means to search and analyze every single detail but to discover the secrets of why this masterpiece is so alive!
“From Christian Marclay to Davide Balula: Where time leads? or Artwork Autopsy of “Humeurs”, a piece by Davide Balula”
Californian artist Jean LOWE
Autopsy of an artwork by Californian Artist Albert Contreras
Autopsy of an artwork: Amy BENNETT, a unique feeling
Cui Xiuwen, a Woman in Chinese Avant-garde Photography


The Haubrok Collection at Fondation Hippocrène
Ed Moses at the LACMA
Latino American Painter, Carlos Aguilar



Thèmes divers

La Société des Amis du Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris
François Morellet, récentes fantaisies, au musée des Beaux Arts d’Angers
La Fondation d’entreprise Ricard
La peinture bouge enfin grâce à Eric Corne
La miniature selon Robert Devriendt


L’autre face d’Eric Mézan
Louis Stern, une figure du monde de l’art de Los Angeles
Christophe Daviet-Théry, Editeur de livres d’Artistes

Compte-rendus de Foires et Salons

1er Salon du Dessin Contemporain à Paris – 2007
Le mois de la Photo à Paris -2006-
Fiac 2006, la force du Grand Palais
La force de l’Art 01 au Grand Palais
Fiac 2006, la force du Grand Palais
FIAC 2005
Biennale de Lyon, 2005
ART BASEL 32 – Basel Switzerland


art in ASIA – Korean paper magazine

“All Art Fairs in one!”, Art Paris 2009
The Rebirth of the MOCA
Contemporary art in Canada
“Rejuvanated Art Fair in Europe: art Brussels”
“Art Forum Berlin: German art market reconstruction”

Paris Art – magazine français en ligne

Knut ASDAM at Galerie Serge Le Borgne

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