When do you need an Art Consultant?

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because the Art market is Worldwide, and artists all over the globe, you need an eye to provide with a great selection of good quality of Artwork.



When you have no time to pursue your great collection

We know very well where to find the right artwork for you in the worldwide Art market.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can advise you for one shot, or on a regular basis with proposals of strong selections of artworks from the first market


When you want start to build a collection

Because if it’s easy for you to purchase one artwork, it’s way more complicate to build a coherent art collection…


When you hesitate between such or such artwork,

An external eye always helps to clarify a choice.


After a remodeling, or after you just move,

To complete the new design of your home

To rejuvenate a living room, a bedroom…

To install a sculpture in your outdoor space